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Bontq - Innovative Issue Tracking and Project Management

Bontq is a cloud hosted solution that can fit all your bug tracking and project management needs.
We’ve developed it for three years and tried to find a perfect balance between speed and stability.


Bug Tracking

Global Activity

Global Team's Activity can be found under the "Dashboard" tab.
It allows to understand what has been done and plan what could be done in the near future.
"Advanced filters" inside the Activity are useful when something specific needs to be found,
for example the exact range of dates, users, projects or different item types.
Global Activity
Tracking Area

Tracking Area

Bontq offers a complete set of items for a very effective team management:
  • Bug - classical defect that needs to be resolved as soon as possible
  • Feature Request - ideal item for planning the future of your product
  • Notice - sort of a to-do, add it fast and then change the type to something else
  • Task - behaves exactly like a task in a typical project management process
  • Test Case - a “how-to” document that usually describes the testing scenario
  • Wiki - a corporate document with markup, has a separate section in the web interface

Custom Priorities and Labels

In your account settings you can customize priorities and labels, their order, titles and even colors in items that have them by default. (Bugs, Feature Requests, Test Cases)
Custom Priorities and Labels

Email Notifications

Even the smallest event will be emailed to you. We track all the changes and send them by email in real-time. You won’t miss anything from your work process.

Project Management

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An unlimited number of companies can be created in Bontq.
Each company contains projects, items inside projects and users related to those projects and items.


Generate and customize detailed reports.
See the progress of your team within a certain period of time. Use the "advanced filters" to
specify exactly what you need. "Print View" and "CSV Export" are available out-of-the-box.

Google Docs Integration

Bontq allows you to attach your Google Documents to every single item inside it.
There’s no need to export your file from Google Docs, save it on your computer and then upload it to Bontq.
Just click the “Add Google Document” button and we’ll take care of the rest.
Google Docs Integration
Basecamp and FogBugz Import

Import from Basecamp and FogBugz

The process has never been easier if you decided to switch to Bontq from Basecamp or FogBugz.
Just go to "Settings" in the web interface, choose the "Import" tab and select the exported file to complete the export process.

Desktop Application

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Capture Screenshots

There’s no need for picture editors like “Microsoft Paint” anymore.
Our Desktop Client gives you the ability to capture screenshots, show the issues
on them, crop, write text atop of the images, do/undo your actions and much more.
Capture Screenshots
Record Videos

Record Videos

In many cases a screenshot simply isn't sufficient enough to provide the required information. This is when video comes in handy.
Show your requests more clearly by recording screencasts and step-by-step guides.

Browse Projects

The Desktop Client offers a built-in Project Browser
You can browse all your Companies, Projects, Bugs, Feature Requests and Tasks,
view comments and files, add items and edit them right from the Project Browser.
Browse Projects
Attach Files to Items

Attach Files to Items

Your Screenshots and Videos that were made from the Desktop Client can be attached
to any desired item. Even if you made 10 Screenshots and 2 Videos, the Desktop Client is
able to attach them all at a time.
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