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Unique domain name
All Bontq Clients have their own unique domain names. If for example your company’s name is Zend, then your unique domain name will be http://zend.bontq.com.
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How does the 30-day trial work?

For the 30-day trial you don’t need to make payments.
It includes an unlimited number of projects and users.
At the end of the trial you’ll be offered to upgrade to one of our plans.

What do I need to run Bontq?

You need a web browser. We support Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer(6, 7, .8).

What do I need to run the Desktop Client?

You need Java 1.6 installed. It can be downloaded here.

Additional Information

- No credit card required for the 30-day trial
- Bontq is a self-hosted service
- No setup fee
- Month-to-month commitment

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