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It is time to say goodbye.

Dear Bontq.com customers,

It has been an incredible journey over the last 10 years and a great honor to have your business, however now unfortunately is the time to sunset this service.

At the moment our tiny team does not have enough resources to dedicate to the development and support of Bontq.com at a level we're comfortable with.
Therefore, on August 31st, 2019 we'll turn off all the servers supporting the platform.
Please be sure to export all the data before that date.

For the data export please go to https://your_account_name.bontq.com/user/reports/ and generate a report for the desired period.

To export all the attached files - please contact support@bontq.com directly and we'll create and provide a link to an archive containing all the files ever attached to the tickets in your account.

All the payed subscriptions were cancelled at the moment this message was posted.
If you payed for several months in advance, please contact support and we will refund you the difference.

Thank you for staying with us all these years - we really appreciate your business and wish you find a project management/bug tracking solution that would fit all of your needs.

PS: We are considering making bontq.com source code open-source. If you wish to run it as a self hosted solution - you might have an opportunity to do so sometime soon. We'll post an update on our Twitter account @bontq regarding this decision later this year.

The Bontq Team