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Make your Software
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Bontq is a user-friendly issue tracking
and project management cloud-hosted system.
It provides the easiest way to manage projects,
track bugs, add tasks and store documentation.
Bontq's integrated Desktop Client
allows you to capture screenshots and
record videos to show everything in details.
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Bontq Introduction

Track Issues

Bugs, Features, Tickets, Tasks, Test Cases.
Everything you'll ever need for issue tracking.

Manage Projects

Bontq is a perfect Project Management solution.
Keep a track of your projects in its clean interface.

Host Repositories

GIT and SVN hosting is automatically included.
Add comments and close items while committing.

Capture Screenshots

Capture, edit, comment and attach
screenshots directly to the item that you add.
Supported on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Record Videos

Our Desktop Client offers Video Recording.
Upload videos for step-by-step issue explanation.
Supported on Windows and Mac OS X

Chat with Team

Create real-time conversations with your
colleagues, label and find them in one click.
Supported on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Press Reviews

Let’s face it, not every company can afford to relegate resources necessary for bug tracking.

When this is the case, the only viable solution is an online tool and Bontq is one of the tops in this area.
It is easy to use, filled with useful features, and a good value.

Whether you have a small project team or a large team, consider Bontq for your bug tracking needs.
Bontq guarantees complete customer satisfaction.
Its Project management capabilities are commendable.

It will surely get your job done.
I spent quite some time playing with Bontq and I have to say I was really impressed.

This bug tracking software is definitely worth a shot.
Bontq no doubt proves itself useful as an affordable but full featured bug tracking system which enables users to monitor and develop their projects in an efficient and well organized manner.
Bontq might be a killer because it is a very dynamic saas, basically - you can track bugs and issues in so many ways that nothing will escape you.
It provides you the right functionality and also has a great potential of becoming a competitor with other mature applications on the market.
With the Bontq desktop client, things are far simpler – just capture the screenshot and the graphical editor pops out with it, make the necessary edits and attach the screenshot to a new issue.
Bontq ensures that every people in your programming team are well-informed and well-coordinated about progress of a project, thus assuring its success.
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What’s Bug Tracking all about?

Bug Tracking(also known as issue tracking, defect tracking, problem tracking and ticket management) is an approach of keeping and tracking all your items in one single place(system).
This approach allows you to save a lot of time if compared to text/excel file item reporting because you’re always able to find, edit, assign and comment everything extremely easy.